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Hunters and Skinners


The guthooks are sharpened on both the cutting edge and the hook. The handle material shown on both the guthooks and the hunters is identified; however, any handle material you desire can be used.  Guthooks measure approximately 8 - 9" overall.


Guthook No. 1

Hunters and Skinners: Guthook No. 1

The number one guthook features a full tang with nickel-silver guard. Handle material shown on top knife is sheep horn.


The "Landry"

 Hunters and Skinners: Landry

This pattern was made for Troy and Jacob Landry, from Swamp People (History Channel). Handle material illustrated is sheephorn.

Hunter No. 1

Hunters and Skinners: Hunter No. 1

Hunter No. 1 is approximately 8" overall.  This knife features a full tang with nickel-silver guard.  Above photo is jigged bone, but all handle materials are available.


Hunter No. 2

Hunters and Skinners: Hunter No. 2

Hunter No. 2 is approximately 7" overall. It features a nickel-silver guard. The above photograph features a rare, rather distinctive mastodon ivory handle.


Hunter No. 5

Hunters and Skinners: Hunter No. 5

Hunter No. 5 (top, bottom) is smaller and thinner than Hunter No. 2 (center).


Canadian Pattern

Hunters and Skinners: Canadian Pattern

The Canadian pattern was called "the perfect knife" in a 1998 edition of Field and Stream magazine. This knife features a nickel-silver bolster with a full tang.  Handle material shown is sheep horn. Overall length is approximately 8 - 9".


Classic Skinner

Hunters and Skinners: Classic Skinner

The classic Skinner is approximately 9" overall.  This knife features a full tang with nickel-silver guard.  Handle shown is boxelder.


Green River Skinner

Hunters and Skinners: Green River Skinner

"Buffalo skinner," the ultimate skinning pattern.  GR-1 is same style but without guard.


Bowie Hunter

Hunters and Skinners: Bowie Hunter

This is a very old pattern in a small, very usable size (blade is approx. 5 1/2 inches long). Handle shown is Mammoth Tooth (very expensive), but all other handles are available.


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