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A few years ago, Harbuck Custom Knives celebrated 35 years in business. Naturally enough, you can't reflect on 35 years without reflecting on how things used to be, and how things have changed since the beginning. Because a picture diary just wasn't a priority in those days, we've been feeling nostalgic about those early pieces, so for you owners of a Harbuck knife, we would like to request a photograph or two of your favorite Harbuck knives. Digital images would be preferable, but other arrangements can be made for prints.

Be creative with the content if you like. If you want to show off how you are storing or showcasing your knives, go for it.  If you're about to skin a deer with your favorite Harbuck knife, take a picture. For you tech-savvy folks, if you want to send a video file, that would be fun .... Captions or comments are welcome, of course. The ultimate goal would be to compose a photo gallery on this site so that you can be the envy of all.

That being said, we respect your privacy. If you do not want your name attached to a photo, please tell us  when you submit it. We can do some simple image clean-ups such that people's faces could be obscured if so desired. Above all, please take a decent-quality photo! Some gore would be tolerated---most of you are hunters, after all. However, be practical.

Feel free to submit images either to t.l.harbuck@gmail.com or to john@harbuckknives.com .  You may submit either a digital image that is at least 100 KB in size, or a 4x6 color print. Attach any information that you would like to include (or keep private) about the image. If you want to submit an image (for nostalgia's sake) but do not want to have it shown on the website, PLEASE SAY SO.  Otherwise, we'll assume we have your permission. If you have other questions, please ask---and thank you all for the memories!


Mr. Harbuck, I bought a real nice knife from you at the Dothan Gun and Knife Show last July. (You gave me the knife and told me to send you a check-I did). I want you to know that it skinned and cut up not only this elk in the picture but another as well. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to getting another.
     --- John Cosgrove


"... a Harbuck knife on your hip gives a feeling of security and a pride of ownership that is unsurpassed!"
        --- Chuck Hand III, Boar Hunter magazine, March/April 2004



Happy Friday John, Impala I like, as the curvature fits the hand like a mold. The blade has a superb point     and edge. [ ... ] Anything hot on the creation line? As always I keep my eye open for another HARBUCK  master piece. Tagged a nice buck this season that was easy to skin and process all because of your hard  work. THANKS.
--- Mike Flowers




"Yep, 'Croc. Dundee' just THOUGHT HE had a KNIFE!!! My good friend, John Harbuck, a custom      knifemaker from South Alabama made it -- and many others -- for me. Be sure and check out his website www.harbuckknives.com and order something. 'HE CAN TURN YOUR WISHES INTO COLD STEEL!!!'         I promise, you will not be disappointed!"
     --- Chuck Hand III (follow Chuck on Facebook)



Mr. Harbuck, I am writing to say thank you for the outstanding knife that I purchased before this upcoming hunting season here in New York State. The knife has exceeded my every expectation. Over the course of the weekend myself and my hunting buddies harvested four deer in Upstate New York. Each deer was field dressed, and butchered using my Harbuck knife. During the course of the day the call of "get the knife", was replaced with "get the Harbuck". I look forward to using again in the future. Thanks.
Joe Saviano, NYPD

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